People write tributes to love and I feel like writing a tribute to pakoras. They are known by the fancy name fritters all over the world. Every family has its own traditional variation of the recipe and it’s an ongoing battle to see whose pakora’s are better or best.

Now do I dare share my recipe for pakoras? Yes, I do!

On a rainy day in Punjab, a plate of pakoras with a hot cup of masala chai infused with ginger and mint is the best road to Nirvana. If a rainy day was an excuse in sunny England I’m sure the nation would all be soft and round like a pakora.

My recipe is an introduction to the world of pakoras. If you’re a fan of the onion bhaji served at the restaurants, then these taste completely different with a crunchy exterior, a soft center, with every bite unraveling a new flavor. Pakoras are amazingly addictive nuggets of pleasure and so very hard to resist.