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Butter chicken masala recipe (No artificial colours or flavours)

Cheese chilli toast

Cheese chilli toast is a spicy alternative to the traditional cheese on toast. My version is on Italian ciabatta bread, which will let you explore different parts of the world in one bite. Like many of my recipes this is easy to prepare and cook. It makes a perfect lunch with with a leafy salad but i usually cut it into wedges and serves it as nibbles when my friends come over for drinks. It's a great accompaniment with drinks, always beats the stale salted peanuts and Bombay mix in an Indian household. If find myself walking away because i can't stop myself munching on them (yes i don't have any self control). There are many dimensions cheese chilli toast, the crusty exterior of the ciabatta followed by the soft airiness inside, the crunch from the onions, the freshness from the mint, coriander and finishes with a prominent but not over powering heat from the green chillies. Cheese chilli toast is rather simple to make as most of the ingredients are usually what you have in the fridge and pantry.

By Sukhi Singh

lamb keema with peas and mint

This recipe comes from my family archive. The recipe is identical to the version i grew up with and always tasted amazing when my dad cooked it. It's very much a traditional Punjabi (North Indian) dish and i recall my dad and his friends eating platefuls of the keema to accompany their Blue label. A pleasant trip down memory lane. The dish is aromatic, flavoursome, and one of my top ten. The combination of lamb, peas and mint lifts this dish to new heights. A must try, and i'm sure it'll be in your top ten too.

By Sukhi Singh

Indian French toast

Quick and easy to make, I would go as far as saying Indian French toast aka Indian eggy bread is quite a universal dish. You can eat it anytime, breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack. The balance of eggs, bread and spice is perfect. Just the name Indian eggy bread makes my mouth water. It's helped me through some very hard times such as unexpected lunch guests, lazy Sunday brunches, and the hardest of times the dreaded hang over. I've eaten variations of eggy bread all my life, even my family in rural India love this dish. Obviously every Indian has their version and as humble as all Indian's are their recipe is always better. I disagree, my recipe is (Yes i'm a humble Indian too). Give this recipe a try, i'm sure you'll love it and give me your feedback!

By Sukhi Singh

Masala corn chaat

Masala corn chaat is a quick easy recipe when you're feeling peckish, a snack or giving your mouth an explosion of flavour. I first tried masala corn chaat whilst on holiday in India, the crunch of peanuts, the sourness of the lime and mango powder, the heat from the chilli and the sweetness of the sweetcorn sends your tastebuds on a journey you'll want time after time. My recipe for masala corn is quite simple and easy but packed full of flavour. You must try this!!

By Sukhi Singh

Chicken kofta canapés

A simple canapé recipe for the festive period. These chicken kofta's are delicious and very moreish. Your guests will be gobbling them up with delight. The fresh flavours of herbs and spices is very prominent throughout. They're easy to make and great party nibbles.

By Sukhi Singh

Left over Christmas turkey curry

This is a quick, easy, simple and delicious recipe for Christmas left over turkey. It will take you 20 minutes including preparation time. It's perfect for Boxing Day entertaining. Saves you having the dreaded turkey sandwiches for several days, which after the second sandwich you never want to see turkey again.

By Sukhi Singh

Left over Christmas turkey stuffed pancakes

Another recipe for left over turkey. This is another easy and simple recipe to make. You can still enjoy all the festivities instead of slaving away in the kitchen. You'll be amazed how simple but tasty this dish is! Definitely a crowd pleaser.

By Sukhi Singh

Lamb Rogan Josh

Originally a Kashmiri dish the Rogan Josh. The recipe has adapted over the years. It’s a burst of spices in the mouth taking you on spice journey in your own home.

By Sukhi Singh

Karahi chicken

A Karahi is a indian pan which is very similar to the Chinese wok. Karahi dishes are also know as ‘Kadhi’ in Northern India.
My recipe is my grandma’s recipe which i’ve adapted a little and in my opinion i think my grandma would have preferred mine to hers.

By Sukhi Singh

Sukhi’s journey

Sukhi is finally starting his cooking channel on You Tube so that he can share all of the delicious recipes he’s learnt and put his unique mouth-watering twist to.

Sukhi has travelled extensively throughout the globe and, with India being a second home, he’s spent a lot of time there. He learnt recipes whilst on his travels and his love and passion has continued to grow over the years.

Sukhi’s passion for food started at a young age where his mother taught him the basics of good Indian cooking. He then started adapting these recipes.

Sukhi’s mother was brought up in Punjab, northern India and was taught to cook by her grandma. They lived in an affluent surrounding and she learnt many recipes influenced from the royals of India.

Sukhi appeared on Masterchef 2008 (UK) and was shortlisted from over 13,000 applicants. Although the experience was quite bitter-sweet, Sukhi was never deterred from his passion for cooking.

Sukhi then starting writing regularly as a food editor for a local magazine and occasionally for a newspaper. He became very popular with readers sending in cooking-related questions and trying his mouth-watering recipes.

Sukhi has hosted many private cookery classes and is a bespoke caterer, food critic and food consultant.

So, the time has come for everyone to learn the secrets and delicious recipes of a true foodie.

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